Community Representation

Our goal is to partner with each association’s board to improve its community.  We work closely with the board and property management company to:

  1. Collect on past dues
  2. Enhance declarations and bylaws to strengthen a board’s ability to govern, and
  3. Offer strategic and tactical advice for multi-year community planning.

Our firm has decades of combined legal experience representing community associations in Georgia. We offer comprehensive community and HOA legal services through retainer and non-retainer arrangements. We strive to be a problem-solver for your association –in governance, collections, or strategic planning.  For example, with respect to collections, there are three questions every HOA board should ask their attorney:

  1. How much did I pay you in legal fees?
  2. How much did you collect for me?
  3. Do you offer a low-cost, pre-lawyer, pre-lawsuit collection option that earns back 100%?

If your attorney cannot answer these three questions with specific, numeric responses that satisfy you, consider Cobb, Olson & Andrle. We have a proven track record of recovering at least $8 (on average) for every $1 an association invests. Plus, we offer our HOA clients a unique collection service  – Magnum Association Services. Magnum has a historic 87% success rate for collecting delinquent dues. Plus, we offer our HOA clients a unique debt, collection service Magnum Association Services. Magnum, a debt collection agency specifically created to assist with HOA and apartment collection, has a historic 87% success rate (on average)  for collecting delinquent dues. The Firm is proud to be the exclusive partner of Magnum and associations that use its contingency-based services are able to recover more of their money before lawyers or lawsuits are even needed.


  • Covenant/Declaration Drafting and Amendments
  • Covenant/Declaration Enforcement
  • Georgia Property Owners’ Association Act (“POA”) and Georgia Condominium Act (“GCA”) Inclusion Amendments
  • FHA/VA/FNMA Approval Applications
  • Aggressive Collection of Delinquent Accounts including: pre-judgment lien filings, judgment enforcement, judicial foreclosures, and post-judgment garnishment and levy of assets
  • General Legal Advice
  • Election Strategy and Procedural Assistance
  • Bankruptcy Representation and Proof of Claim Filings
  • Compulsory Turnover
  • Insurance Defense

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